Tuesday, August 16, 2011

cant have nothin' nice...not even a blog!

Hey Y'all

ok. I apologize. I'm sorry I'm such a blogslacker. I can't believe I havent posted anything in oh, about 8 months. 8 MONTHS ?! Have mercy (as my mom would say).

I have had lots of "Can't have nothing nice" moments over the last 8 months and sadly have not shared them....especially the ones that put me in my place and refresh my outlook on life/my own vanity/ materialism, etc....

Here's a good one that just happened this past Sunday:

Our church, Truth Bible Church (www.truthbiblechurch.com) is currently hosting an out-of-town Associate Pastor candidate and his family. The plan was to have an old fashioned church potluck after Sunday Service to welcome this family. (Think crockpots, casseroles and homemade pot holders) I signed up to bring a "main dish" and a "side dish".

Long story short, since we live so close to the church, I decided it would be better for me to run home between nursery duty and the service to pop the casseroles in the oven and go back right as the service was ending to get them and bring them piping hot to the potluck. The dietitian in me, trained in preventing food temperatures from falling into the "danger zone" (40-140 degrees F) was the one who came up with this genuis idea. The part I forgot to contingency plan for was how to physically get 2-350 degree casseroles from our house to the church- by myself.

So...here's where it happened. I ran home at 12:05- pulled the casseroles from the oven, snapped on the plastic travel lids (or so I thought), put them on baking sheets so I could carry them, one at a time, to the car. The first one I put in the floor board of the front passenger seat...then it started sprinkling. Remember, this is Sunday morning, and as a good Southern girl you better believe I was wearing a dress and heels. So I dash back inside, grab the second casserole/baking sheet/potholder combination and make a run for it. I slid it into the passenger seat, nestled it up next to my favorite leather Coach bag and was on my way.

Watching the clock, I turned Right, Left, Left out of our neighborhood. I mean, what would be more dissapointing than showing up with these cheesy-hashbrown-ham-asparagus-goodnesses and the potluck be over?!?!!? the horror. So, you could say that I sped up a little and made a sharp left onto Smoke Hill Rd. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! OOOOOOH DANG IT!! (it was Sunday, after all) ...the casserole in the passenger seat lid had popped off...and the gooey cheesy essence partially spilled out- onto my favorite, leather Coach bag. Yep, can't have nothin' nice.

I frantically wiped off said cheese goo, parked and ran with my casseroles into the church - much like Scarlett O'hara, I thought (paraphrased) "I'll think about that later". So, later Sunday night after much goings-on, I attempted to clean the grease imprint off my bag. No luck.

Can't have nothin' nice....

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